‘Historical Nights of Jubbah’ — a new touristic destination in Saudi Arabia

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Wed, 2017-11-08 19:39

HAIL: The “Live Saudi Arabia” program, launched by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH), has created a number of trips from Hail city to Jubbah in Hail province to encourage people to attend the “Historical Nights of Jubba” event and learn about the city’s rock art (petroglyphs), Jabal Umm Sinman and Jubbah’s civilization and growth.

The event, organized by SCTH in Hail, created several temporary career opportunities in the crafts, handicrafts and productive families’ pavilions.

Many families from Jubbah and surrounding villages display their products during the event at 15 pavilions.

“The Historical Nights of Jubbah event is a good opportunity to introduce the heritage of Jubbah and the petroglyphs found in the city, promote social conscience and strengthen citizens’ love for their homeland,” said the director general of SCTH’s branch in Hail, Faisal bin Khaled Al-Madani.

“This is achieved through educating the youth on their homeland’s accomplishments and different cultures as well as building cognitive and personal capacities; instilling positive values in the hearts and minds of the youth; encouraging them to play a part in introducing their country to the world; and introducing them to their country’s heritage,” he continued.

He pointed out that such tourism events aim to benefit the local community, which is the key driver of tourism activities, and he praised the efforts of the municipality of Jubbah, the Social Development Committee of Jubbah and all private sector partners.

The “Historical Nights of Jubba” event was organized by SCTH in Hail in conjunction with the first Saudi Antiquities Forum and in collaboration with the municipalities of Hail and Jubbah, the Tourist Development Council, and the committees of social and tourism development in Jubbah.

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